Vance Joy – Riptide

6 Jun

Vance Joy is an emerging new artist from Melbourne. His single “Riptide” is a brilliant first track that is just so catchy. Driven by a beautiful ukelele sound, this up-beat and bubbly song is perfect for high rotation on the ipod.

Have a listen to the above mentioned single “Riptide”.

If you like his track make sure to like his Facebook page:

Vance Joy also was kind enough to answer a few questions for 3links:

What type of music did you enjoy when you were young? What were the songs or artists that influenced you most growing up?

I think like anyone I was listening to what was around me and what I came across through friends and family. My strongest memories are the songs that were on high rotation in mum’s Ford Fairmont tape deck. There was Paul Kelly and there were Motown songs. Then Dad got a car with a CD player and there was Ben Folds and The Whitlams. I had the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack on repeat for a couple of years.  And “Love Will Tear Us Apart” has probably got the most listens on my iTunes. It can be hard to know exactly what is influencing you because there can be so many bits and pieces that go into a song. Each one is like a Frankenstein.

Has your musical taste been influenced by the tastes of your parents?

I think so. I usually like whatever they are listening to, but it doesn’t really go the other way.

What current artists do you like? Why?

I loved Arcade Fire’s most recent album. And I love anything by Mogwai. Paul Kelly uses his words so well.  And I love the momentum that Bruce Springsteen builds in his songs. He just keeps building it up. I love epic songs like the ones Roy Orbison writes. I think that Jack White is the man too.

Do the lyrics of “Riptide” hold any personal significance? The song appears to be a coming of age love story- would that be accurate?

I think that is there, yes. I like the idea of people having their own attachment to the song.  Around the time I wrote the song I met this girl. I asked her what she did and she was like “I’m a magician’s assistant.” I didn’t really know where to go from there. I bet she never gets tired of laying that line on people.

What is your song writing process?

It is pretty unpredictable. But usually involves a riff or a melody that has been hanging around my head for a while and a few images that are stuck there too. Sometimes they come together effortlessly and sometimes I have to work really hard for it. With Riptide I went for a walk to Coles to get some stuff for dinner and came back humming the chorus. That was a lucky break.

We love the use of the ukulele. Can we expect it to be as prominent in future songs?

Thanks! I like the lightness of the Uke. I want the band to have lots of different colours; perhaps a percussion section, some guitar, some electronic bass notes, some singers, some keys. I can get carried away.

Can we expect new music from you soon?

I plan to record some more songs in a couple months and then work towards a show later this year.

Finally, Vance Joy has provided us one of our 3Links in the form of one of his favourite youtube musical videos…

Vance Joy- 3Links


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